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Show Results 2012


IKC Celtic Winners - 17th March

First show of the year and newest member to our show team T-Bone (Kerronmor Tinie Tempah) wins first Puppy Dog and our Swedish beauty Carlotta takes Reserve Green Star.


Combined Canine Club International Show - 7th April

Time for the next generation of Kerronmor to shine, T-Bone wins Best Pup in Breed and his sister Lil Mama (Kerronmor Lil Mama) comes 2nd.


Bandridge All Breed Ch Show - 15th April


Carlotta wins her 7th Green Star gaining her title of CHAMPION (CH BEAMZTAR CARLOTTA FERRARI OF KERRONMOR JUN CH) she joins the ever growing group of champions in the Kerronmor Kennels. Biggie took Reserve Green Star and T-Bone and Lil Mama won their Puppy Classes.


All Ireland Pug Club Show

Carlotta won Green Star bitch and Reserve Best in Show.


Fermoy All Breed International Show - 5th May


T-Bone's promising show career has continued to progress, today in Fermoy he topped his Best Puppy in Breed achievement by placing Puppy Group 3.


South Tipperary Canine Club Ch Show - 6th May

Lil Mama wins Puppy class in the second show of the mini-circuit


Newtownards All Breed Ch Show - 13th May

On a very windy day in Northern Ireland Carlotta is awarded Reserve Green Star while brother and sister T-Bone and Lil Mama win their puppy classes.


Munster Canine Club Ch Show - 2nd June


Pablo does us proud yet again winning Green Star Dog, Best of Breed and then taking GROUP 2!! The brother and sister pair of T-Bone and Lil Mama yet again won their puppy classes.


Cork and District Canine Club Ch Show - 3rd June


The latest Kerronmor litter is continuing to surpass even our expectations! Today, in Cork, littermates T-Bone and Turbo (Kerronmor Tinie Tempah and Kerronmor Turbo B) took Reserve Green Star and Green Star, Turbo then went on to take Best of Breed! What made the day even more amazing was that T-Bone (Kerronmor Tinie Tempah) won the Puppy Stakes under well respected judge Mr Sean Carroll.

T-Bone is now qualified for the prestigious Pup of the Year 2012 Finals to be held in March


Swords All Breed Ch Show - 16th June


Today in Cloghran, our gorgeous swedish girl Carlotta (CH BEAMZTAR CARLOTTA FERRARI OF KERRONMOR JUN CH) won her 9th Green Star and then won Best of Breed.


Kilkenny All Breed Ch Show - 30th June

Kerronmor does the double!

A terrific day in Kilkenny for Kerronmor! We took Green Star dog with our youngster T-Bone (Kerronmor Tinie Tempah) and Green Star bitch with our swedish lovely Carlotta - her 10th Green Star. T-Bone then won Best of Breed!


Deise Canine Club Ch Show - 1st July

Kerronmor does the double - AGAIN!!

Our super team did it again today, a double double! For the second day in a row T-Bone and Carlotta won Green Stars, T-Bone's 2nd Green Star and Carlotta's 11th Green Star. This time aroud Carlotta took Best of Breed. T-Bone's brother and sister, Turbo and Lil Mama, both won their classes.


Irish Ladies Kennel All Breed Ch Show - 14th July

The litter of Turbo, T-Bone and Lil Mama all won their classes while Carlotta claimed Reserve Green Star.


Sligo and District All Breed Ch Show - 21 July


We had a day to remember at the Sligo and District Show! Turbo won Green Star Dog and Pablo took Reserve Green Star. Then our girls continued the domination with Lil Mama taking reserve to our Carlotta. Carlotta was then awarded Best of Breed!

Then in the group, judge James Newman awarded Carlotta Group 1! 


Dundalk All Breed Championship Show - 28th July 2012

The litter siblings Turbo, T-Bone and Lil Mama had mixed results today, T-Bone and Mama took 1st in their Junior Classes, Turbo took 2nd place in his Puppy Class.

Carlotta continued her domination of the Pug results taking Green Star Bitch and Best of Breed.


D.L.C.S. Monkstown All Breed Championship Show - 5th August 2012

Carlotta leads the way yet again!

At today's show, Turbo came 2nd place in Puppy Class, T-Bone took 1st place in Junior Class and their litter sister Lil Mama came 1st in Puppy Class.

Carlotta was awarded Green Star Bitch after winning the Champions class and then went on to take the best of breed. There seems to be no stopping her right now - today was her 13th Green Star and 3rd consecutive best of breed.


Clonmel All Breed Championship Show - 19th August 2012

Kerronmor had a break from showing last week as Moira had the honour of judging at the Bangor and District Championship Show on 11th August. Today's show was the first of four shows in a week called the Munster Circuit.

Carlotta ~CH Beamztar Carlotta Ferrari of Kerronmor Jun CH won the Champions Class before being winning the Green Star and taking reserve Best of Breed!

Turbo ~Kerronmor Turbo B took 4th place in the Puppy Stakes. (Below; Turbo B on the move during the Puppy Stakes)

After the show we held a party to celebrate Carlotta and Harley Champion Titles from earlier in the year.


Killarney All Breed Championship Show - 21st August 2012

Circuit Show number 2 and what a show it was for Kerronmor. Turbo took his 3rd Green Star of his short career from the Puppy Class, he then went on to Reserve Best of Breed. His litter brother T-Bone came 2nd Place in Junior Class.

Carlotta won the Champions Class then went on to take the Green Star and Best of Breed. This was Carlotta's 10th Green Star of 2012. 

Later in the day Carlotta was awarded Group 4 to finish off a great day for Kerronmor.


Limerick All Breed Championship Show - 23rd August 2012

At the 3rd of the Circuit shows, our boys Turbo and T-Bone came 2nd and 3rd in their Classes. Carlotta came 1st in Champion Class.


Tralee All Breed Championship Show - 25th August 2012

Final Circuit Show was today, Turbo won Puppy Class, T-Bone 3rd in Junior Class and Carlotta 1st in Champions Class. Carlotta then went on to take the Green Star! Kerronmor finished the circuit as the most succesful kennel, with the top winning pug on the circuit, our precious Carlotta!


Carlow All Breed Championship Show - 15th September 2012

Today marked the debut of Kerronmor Daddy Mac and he got off to a great start winning Puppy Class! Turbo came 2nd in Junior Class.

Daddy's litter sister Kerronmor Nicky Minaj also made her debut coming second in Puppy Class. Lil Mama and Carlotta came 2nd in Junior and Champion Class.


Irish Kennel Club International Show - 22nd September 2012

The first show of the big IKC weekend saw Daddy win Puppy Class yet again and Turbo come 3rd in Junior Class.


Irish Kennel Club National Show - 23rd September 2012

The second show of the weekend saw much better results for Kerromnmor. Daddy won Puppy Class for the 3rd show in a row! Turbo came 2nd in Junior Class and Carlotta came second in Champion Class. 

In the Dog Green Star Challenge Daddy Mac was awarded Green Star dog and then Best of Breed. A massive achievement for a pup of just 6 months!!


Portadown All Breed Championship Show - 20 Oct 2012

Todays results were; Daddy Mac 2nd in Puppy Class, Turbo second in Junior Class, Mama first in Junior Class and Carlotta second in Champion Class.


Bull Breeds All Breed Championship Show - 29 Oct 2012

At the show today the results for Kerronmor were Daddy 2nd in Puppy Class, T-Bone 3rd in Junior, Nicky 1st in Puppy, Mama 3rd in Junior and last but not least, Carlotta 2nd in Champion. In the Challenge for Green Star Bitch our little stunner Nicky Minaj was awarded Reserve Green Star.